About Us

Established in 1982 , ATTC (Asian) Pte Ltd provides latest technology and equipment for welding, cutting and lasers industries.
We start to organize laser seminars in recent years , providing laser technology workshop and lessons. Our goal is to help the local industries rise up their technology level and enrich knowledge for their workers.
During the seminar, the local and overseas companies have the chance to come together and sharing their precious experiences .Follow the trend of global economic structure, we are enable to connect with world and grow

南京科技股份有限公司成立於1982年,主要提供世界最先進的焊接、切割、雷射、等相關器材, 例如:雷射鏡片、雷射保護眼鏡、雷射噴嘴、雷射切割機、雷射銲接機、銲接桌、磨光機、整平機、銲道量規、 翻轉架、真空吸吊設備及技術 。